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UI/UX - Thesis project that arose mid-pandemic due to scrapbooking and reflecting on my memories. 


Recollection is a memory app that allows a user to input text about their memory, and auto generate a visual collage that would accompany it, enhancing a journaling and memorabilia experience. The user may swipe through their curated memories, in a completely randomized order, much like the way our minds surf through memories, or, the user may choose to view their memories according to date, much like diaries or journal entries.


Living and dwelling often go hand in hand. We live our lives for the most part in reality, but we may often find ourselves dwelling on the past, present, or even the future. This is most found to be true during pandemic musings. We may sometimes revisit the same memories over and over again, or enter a rabbit hole of memories.



If you pay attention to your memories, you may find that it may not necessarily form a linear storyline. Our memories represent fragments of our thoughts, sensations, and feelings, all reconstructed and strung together to be housed in our minds. One mere fragment of a memory can lead you into remembering something entirely different, but that’s just the way memory works. Many document their memories in the form of pictures they take on their phone or on social media, and some like to keep a journal. However, the art of journaling may be a dying form in the presence and development of technology. How can we preserve, and digitalize the art of curating our memories? Recollection, may be the answer.


Swipe through your rabbit hole of visually curated memories, with Recollection. 

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